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Mitchell River Silt Jetties

The Mitchell River Silt Jetties have been created by silt deposits over thousands of years and are the longest digitate delta in the world. They are located along the end of the Mitchell River where it runs in to the Gippsland Lakes. 

Access to the Silt Jetties from Captains Cove is just a 7 minute drive to Eagle Point. The Silt jetties offer excellent fishing locations, walking or bike riding track aswell as a great place to observe birdlife of the Gippsland Lakes. Partly sealed & partly gravel the silt jetties extend for approximately 8kms. 

In recent years, the Mitchell River Silt Jetties have been undergoing extensive restoration work to ensure that they are preserved for future generation.

When visiting the Silt Jetties it is well worth going for a walk through the Eagle Point Flora & Fauna Reserve


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