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Raymond Island

If you love koalas, walking & wildlife then Raymond Island is a must visit. Just a 5 minute walk from Captains Cove to the vehicular ferry. Take the car for $12 (return trip) or walk or take your bike for free. It is one of the best locations in Australia to experience koals and other wildlife in their natural environment. 

The 1.3km koala trail begins as you disembark the ferry & for a gold coin donation you can grab a map and be on your way to explore. You may also like to take a stroll along the boardwalk which follows the edge of McMillan Straits along the island (to the right of the ferry as you disembark). Bike riding is fun on the Island! - Hire a bike from Captains Cove or try something different with Ride The Koals 

Raymond Island also offers BBQ facilities, playground & toilets. Take a picnic or fish & chips over and enjoy the peacefulness that the Island offers

This year is a particularly bad year for mosquitos so be sure to take Insect Repellent when you are visiting the Island

Koalas of Raymond Island do fantastic work to care, shelter & manage habitiat for Raymond Island Koalas. . Click here to donate or learn more.


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    19 Mitchell Street, Paynesville, Victoria
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    (03) 5156 7223
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